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Hello, how do I get a "reply to all" on toots? Seem to have lost it.

Remember the "Perri-air" parody in Spaceballs? New Delhi is on the case...

Waking up realising how important alternative news feeds and narratives are. Morning all.

Recommend solarpunk and similar flavored fiction pls, pref novella or longer and i need audiobook form so if u have link or kno its available thats a bonus

Morning all. Starting the day with this video of how the smoke from Australian fires is travelling across the southern hemisphere:

(via Rob Hawkes' Spatial Awareness newsletter)

Hurry hurry give your money away to anyone that asks Sale.

One of those days where 'getting on with stuff' is the worst thing to do, and stopping and talking to people is the best.

I've noticed that when I smile to myself more, things go my way more. 🤔

this is probably one of my all time favorite images. it's flitted in and out of my life for probably more than 5 years now. i think about it often

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I grew up reading books, and books allowed me access to imagined and faraway lands, and all the ideas that came with them. Meeting writers from faraway lands brings it all back home again.

Spent the evening among writers and scribes and now I am in awe of language and culture.

And even then, I'm not even sure I have what I want. 🙃

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