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Technological mastery: 20% computer science, 80% cables and adapters.

@humanetech Not just marketeers. As soon as people know I'm interested in a topic, they want to add me to a (WhatsApp) chatroom and get my email address. Unsubscribing isn't even an option any more without some sort of life-changing injury that means you have to apologetically let the world burn in the hands of the Evil Ones.


Getting back into web development after a long while, and finding responsive design really fascinating. Is this normal?

Today I learned the difference between "forego" and "forgo". I love 48 and 41. Great style though.

lol. UK gov wants to build a floating trade fair and diplomacy cruise ship, then shoehorn 'security' measures into it to get around WTO international tendering. Can't make this shit up. WHile I agree with bits od the sentiment, there is a sense of privilege there which is more representative of the "old civilisation" than literature. How many people actually read Austen as a young girl, or Hume when they're 18?

Like all forms of rebellion, disruption is often against the lack of engagement, support & understanding from the rest of society to begin with. As I get older, I realise that it's up to me to integrate with and handover to younger generations, not vice versa.

Any ideas on how to starch/fix some paper that's been folded? Preferably without any coloring or visual difference except maybe some glossing. Varnish? Corn starch?

Saw a writing desk bureau thingy in a charity shop today and now I really want a writing desk bureau thingy.

I actually laughed at this one, which probably means I'm super lame.

Not seeing much social coverage of China expanding coal production by 100m tonnes. A HUNDRED MILLION TONNES, to keep things rolling. That's cool, ta. I've used diluted white vinegar to clean things before - we're in a very chalky area. Does the concentrate you use smell very vinegary? Do you mask that with anything if so?

Stupidly realising that an old 40W bulb is about 4x the power of my laptop. That's a quarter of the power to DO SOME AMAZING SHIT compared to just lighting a room. 🤯

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