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@dynamic A hot water bottle feels the simplest, most portable form of heat. Although I was also wondering about residual oven heat too - maybe some sort of heat brick that I can leave in after dinner to absorb the heat, ready for later in the evening.

Leaving washing water sitting there is an interesting idea. In theory the warmth should go into the room as it cools rather than down the drain. And I've heard tips to leave a bowl of steaming water in a child's room if they're ill...

@simsa04 Thanks, good practical advice there. I'm definitely thinking more about personal heating ("microheating"? :) to try to minimise wider heating systems at least.

For vinegar washes, you mean pour in just neat vinegar, then rinse with boiling water, and repeat?

@Argus (Otherwise, there are some imap2rss scripts out there which you can use with email subscriptions and mail filters to get a private RSS feed for mailouts. Not quite the same as RSS global domination, but handy fallback.)

@Argus Anyone that runs Wordpress for it, I find - adding /feed/ to the base URL usually works (or /feed/atom if you want).

If you're unlucky, you'll get an abridged article, but it's still something.

Thinking through heat in the house as winter and gas prices kick in.

Current idea is to get a second hand hot water bottle, and fill it with the leftover hot water from the washing up.

Would washing up liquid and food particles degrade the rubber though? Should I "upgrade" to something more ceramic?

I used to think that the various twigs I see on redwood forest floors came from different species of trees. Then I learned that S. sempervirens will just grow different types of needles when they get big enough to have to deal with multiple climates at once. The needles start off flat and long near the ground and get shorter, thicker, and scalier as it gets warmer and drier higher up.

So these are all from coast redwoods, just from different heights in the trees.

#plants #trees

@wion @simsa04 @ParadeGrotesque More broadly, I find myself jumping between the tao of the universe in all its uncaring straw dog fashion and the love that humanity can kindle when done right. The latter is depressing because its so fragile, but the former keeps me sane.

@wion @simsa04 @ParadeGrotesque Perhaps the subtler switch I was thinking is that we can achieve a lot by thinking we're dependent on the earth, not the other way around. Too much "action" is based on a saviour complex still, and a desire to keep life/mindset as-is. But a true alternative is a fundamentally different form of humility.

Mental exercise: Let the planet save humanity, rather than the other way around.

@wion @Argus Nice! I'm interested in the battery side too - how big is the battery, or alternatively/practically how long could you survive cloudy weather for? And is it powering all electrics in the house?

@liaizon @ephemeral I'm shuddering and in love with the thought at the same time...

@liaizon I found you via @ephemeral posting about the Compost article - great stuff, by the way.

Beamspun 24 is here, in which I try to convince you to love chaos and embrace the rude teardown of all things categorical:

Annnnnd phew. Beamspun 24, "Harvest Moon" edition, queued for tomorrow morning at sunrise. 🌄🌕🕸️
Previous issues and subscription over at

Are there better/worse terms to use around / / etc? And/or any decent modern summaries to practice in the 21st century?

It's an area I know not much of, but would like to understand more.

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