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@stunder To be fair, that's what my file archive from 20 years ago looks like too. And most people's desktops ever.

Today I marched off up the hill, beyond the houses, and foraged among the golfing greens. A decent number of blackberries collected and not a soul in sight. OK, a few golfers, behind the hedgerow. But otherwise mostly just butterflies, one with beautiful eyes all over its wings. It saw me coming and flushed down the path. I think next week the blackberries will be even better. Might have to pick that up - I'm fascinated by rabbits as guides.

30 years between these two, but great to finally get a new Gameboy game. Cheers for the link, interesting stuff. Terminology around supply chains is hard too - so easy to equate "end product" with "whole system" when time and space are short, which always results in long-winded, reactive discussion (or argument) to define the problem space. Wonder how much energy is spent on that alone... ;-) Yus agreed, the distinctions are important - supply of raw material, vs processing of material. And ultimately, domination isn't about % delivered, but ability to wield power over the system. 30% market share can still be "dominant" if the other 70% is fragmented and otherwise compliant, or has little ambition.

I think that's why we can't just assume that narratives like "solarpunk" or even FLOSS are "alternative", without considering the whole chain, eg alternative energy storage. I wonder how much of this ties in with China's future for owning the entire electricity supply chain, from raw materials to the knowledge required. Getting off carbon is essential, but also an opportunity which states will be fighting over for the next 50 years.

It feels weirdly taboo to admit that. Like we can only validate each struggle by keeping it separate from all others, like some sort of "branding" arrangement.

Maybe if we linked them all together, there's a risk someone might join the dots, see the pattern.

Admitting it. Finding it really difficult to talk about environmental stuff without socio-economic systems these days. The line between humans and nature is one I can use to temporarily and practically limit the scope of discussion, but not mindset or attitude.

Billionaire needs to build rocket to figure out nature is important, but still doesn't get the power structures that (literally) undermine it in the first place:

I thought that the whole world was mad, but then I realised it was just humans.

Doing 8 things at once and sometimes that's how I like it.

Can politics/democracy be described as Newtonian or Complex?

Is there any way in Linux to turn RAM banks on/off easily, ie without physically taking them out?

I'm thinking of maxing out this laptop to get a bit better 3D performance, but don't want the power draw when I don't need it.

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