meteor shower
deep in the mist
this year's mosquitoes

Anyone one the fediverse interested in #boatbuilding ? Please boost 👍

spring breeze
the smells of things…
a stone face

@witchescauldron Any specific disempowerment and mess in mind? Effects can affect the disempowered directly, or can spill out into wider society and ecology, which provides further opportunities for feedback loops...

The empowered disempowered, there are a whole generation of people who are empowered to disempower people. You see this a lot on #failbook and in #NGO thinking. Getting out of this mess could be nasty, ideas for kind solutions?

Almost seems a silly question, but does anyone have any good tips for personal-project money management?

I want to raise and reserve funds for specific things, eg photography, and some sort of simple system that ties together costs, objectives, offers and funds would be amazing.

antiracism that worked 

@mcmoots Nice. I hate the notion 'what gets measured matters' but it does work.

HI EVERYONE just wanted to wish you all a lovely day.

The SolarWinds hack highlighted how supply chain mindsets can translate into real-world risks.

What does the English gov's approach to Covid-response supply chains mean for general national security risks? _Are_ there any implications? Or is security procurement isolated?

Version of Google Stadia but for text adventures.

@sunflower_avenue Free as in cost, or as in free software? I actually went with Blogger for my last one, it's easy to set up a basic thing and you can mail in photos which appear in posts. It's Google though, and more advanced config is a pain.

Also, odd misted night sky out there - no stars visible, but the halfmoon is hazy and bright and shining through it all.

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