if you abandon the idea of "not living up to your potential", I think you find that things become easier.

potential is fake. take care of yourself, do what you can to help, and find joy where you can.

and if it's big and messy and doesn't fit within the tidy confines of the life someone else planned for you, know that your Goblin Mom is still proud of you.

@cridiron Awesome. Been thinking about a project to gather together people's photos of their favourite devices over, say, 18 years old... 🤔

@fribbledom Actually can you plug USB HIDs into phones these days? In that case you would just need a cable tie instead of gaffa tape... 😁

Retro game fans - hypothetically, if you were going to put together a collection of (emulated) all-time classic games, what (one) hardware setup would you run it all off?

Weird day, just for catching the train to the office. It felt so normal, like muscle memory kicking in.

Except. The masks made in-transit coffee feel like a crime. And the office was empty and I looked around thinking of the few weeks I've got left there.

@simsa02 I was taught it at Uni briefly - it was a good department with a lecturer heavily involved in nuclear advice, so I don't know if it was a wider perspective, to be honest.

Interesting point about whether the control side is different now. Everything _is_ more controlled, but I do wonder if nuclear is a level up, just because of how sensitive it is. I'm thinking risk of hacking, and the effect of one 'unit' (eg reactor) on the grid...

@simsa02 There's always a trade-off, no escape. I was taught that nuclear comes with a tightly-controlled industry/state, ie you need to control the generation, usage and disposal of fuel and plants, which is a particular form of centralised energy (Political/Managerial) structure.

@simsa02 Aye. 'Renewables' is defined from a planetary perspective, but the world still runs by national borders and money flows. Same with nuclear (eg the UK doesn't have the resources to self-build nuclear).

Star Trek, submergence, houses printed from Earth, and solarpunk gaming. Beamspun "Pink Moon" edition: beamspun.exmosis.net/2021/05/b

you have nothing to lose because nothing is yours

happy #MayDay and happy #Beltane!! It's time for new life, new dreams, new hopes and new ambitions.

@vortex_egg @starcide Can't decide whether to full-on study the I Ching, for instance, or just accept its strange arrangements and links...

@vortex_egg @starcide Under taoism, everything comes from the tao, splitting and rejoining and splitting and rejoining endlessly. The fractal-gridness of it all is a mystery that drives you insane until you accept the mystery of it all 🙃

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