@simsa04 Thanks for the kinds words :) I guess it would be nice to reach 100 subscribers as a mini-goal. People seem to like it, but it's fairly quiet between editions. Should I find a way to promote it in between? Or maybe get feedback from trusted readers? Set up separate social media accounts for it? All the questionssssss :)

Yay, Sunday's newsletter lined up. I feel like I want to turn it into something bigger - more readers, some funding, etc. But also ... scary. Any tips, anyone? Is it just a case of hard graft and spreading the word to start with?

@simsa04 Spooky synchronicity :) Why does it take an alien or a sage to realise these things, huh?

@wim_v12e @viznut Same here, and I think maybe I'm starting to think about systems in the terms of 'more for less' and 'less for less'. That is, what is a system trying to produce (health? profit? etc) and what resources does it need to do it? Which situations require more output (eg growing population) and which don't (eg I have a limit on how much content I can consume...)

The sun and the moon come around all too quickly... Sunday is a Beamspun Sunday, when I send out some thoughts and links about humanity, nature, technology and energy. News, games, art, engineering, all in one place.

You can sign up over here: buttondown.email/beamspun

@dsfgs The question is the important bit, for me - change starts from questioning the existing, default model. Here are some old thoughts on self-hosting and intermittency, by the way, maybe of interest: nb.exmosis.net/emptytech/inter

@dsfgs Yeah, I'm not assigning it any _electrical_ efficiency arguments. I'm more thinking about just how we think about tech and our relationship with it, slight difference.

eg I don't turn my phone off overnight as battery saving is good, but I have started putting it 'to bed' in a drawer, so my mind gets that sense of a break.

It would be interesting to try turning the wifi off, anyway. We need more experiments to find out!

@viznut @wim_v12e Underlying it all there is this constant push for "you need to do this thing better/smarter", whether it's making stuff or consuming stuff. We're literally and mentally burning out as a species based on that race to improve.

Coming to the conclusion that any alternative narrative maybe needs to come down to just "ok, we've got enough now". Or at least that redistribution is now the main issue, not more stuff.

@dsfgs Not seen it, but I've been thinking about it a little. A bit of me does like the idea of treating technology in a more animistic fashion.

An enjoyable day delving into linux power stat tools and wordpress optimisation.

Anyone know of any good resources to find out energy/carbon used to make different computers, like servers, RaspPis, components, etc?

@wim_v12e I'm really fascinated by how we tell new stories to change our behaviour, and how we disrupt that 'new' idea that we *need* to constantly upgrade or chase novelty.

@wim_v12e Thanks - looks like a good read and great to see some device stats in there. Totally agree, we need to bake longer lifetimes and repair into our consciousness.

You might also like this piece by viznut viznut.fi/texts-en/permacomput and my slightly random newsletter at beamspun.exmosis.net/

@junkman Good point, some surge protection would be a good idea. I did unplug them during the storm, but that's not so useful if I'm asleep or away :)

The joys of self-hosting: Shutting down sites while lightning passes over 😜
Am I being overly cautious?

Trying out new 'email sig.
signal > whatsapp > sms
double jabbed
2 links from covid

Planning a family road trip and can't work out whether to include "nightmares for life" on the itinerary: mummiesexhibition.co.uk/egypti

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