@hs0ucy I was thinking some sort of distributed, encrypted thing. IPFS is probably the closest thing I know of, but I'm not sure how well it handles large amounts.

And in an attempt to turn mundane necessities into something interesting:

1. What cloud backup services would any of you recommend for 500GB of photos?

2. How would large backups work in a setup?

@Tattooed_mummy I've got better on sorting my feeds a bit, so depends on my mood, what else is going on, and how long the articles are. I really enjoy little snippets of people's lives though - photos of walks and plants and things.

Good morning and world. What are you listening to today?

@simsa04 Aye - (1) is about the supply chain, and where the bottlenecks in it are. And (2) does make sense, and I wonder if/when Google and Amazon will get properly into the electricity generation sector for their data centres too.
s/steam/electric/g. The more things change, etc...

@humanetech @strypey Spot on, and that difference between "tech" and "tech community" is key. It leaves us in a strange state - should we (as, say, "impartial independents") avoid the use of a good protocol if we doubt the community around it? Or try to build some alternative social group around solid engineering?

Sadly we have some decent progress on measuring energy costs (and, ironically, the openness of blockchains helps with that, imho) - but no progress at all on discussing, measuring or valuing the social benefits of technology.

@humanetech @strypey My (current) take on this is that people always gravitate to beating up "the other" and that new technologies are "the other" in the same way as other cultures often are.

Video streaming, for example, is definitely an example of uncritical-thinking because it is a familiar technology.

Really enjoying sending small-scale emails with tiny thoughts in - to my Disposable Evidence newsletter (tinyletter.com/disposable_evid) and to my blog (describe.blogspot.com).

Micro messages are the closest I can get to digital postcards. What's the best way to receive them though?

dusting off a book
the sound of a wood pigeon
taking flight

"April has been notably dry, with only around half the normal amount of rainfall in England and Wales."


@TerryHancock I do kind of miss the !groups that gnu/social has. Permanent record is an important thing though.

I'm thinking about setting up a new local network, but think I'm going to go cross-media and ask for volunteer admins and moderators to handle each medium...

@TerryHancock Would love to hear how it goes. One thing I'm unsure about - if I started a new instance as a community, would I expect people to move their existing Mastodon accounts to it? Or is there a better way to gather a group around a new instance? 🤔

Thanks, that's really encouraging. Slowly realising that freelancing can actually involve proposing ideas, rather than just waiting for others to have them. Always been taught to get skills, and then find who wants to hire the skills but the creative aspect explains a lot of the frustration I've felt the last few years.

uh oh, one problem with posting my mastodon link on twitter is my two different identities start to collide

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