@zorotl IMHO these are all within a certain "family" of tech thought that comes under a more structured approach to codebase-as-an-asset. The structures that give you true long-term power to be flexible and adaptable. Eve "agile" discussions fail to actually take sustainable engineering practices into account most of the time.

It's a poor state to be in for an entire sector, honestly. Can't imagine if any other infrastructure took the same approach.

@zorotl It's firmly in the realm of "it's not a headline-grabbing innovative feature so why bother?" up there along with all those other "useless" things like efficiency, sustainability and security.


@h Oh nice! Definitely some overlap here - it's hard to keep up with a lot of the time though, I find. But we keep the movement moving :)

You might also like some of the links here, which are slightly less technical: beamspun.exmosis.net/p/library

New blog post... Thinking about our shared social responsibility for slowing down technology, and some simple meditations to reconnect with our supply chains.


Hey feddies, hope you're all well. What's your spirit animal today?

@ephemeral Great tale - hope they kept them :)

Aha, I have been informed it's a red-legged partridge! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red-legg

@ephemeral Thanks, that was my first thought too, but the beak threw me (we do get sparrowhawks nesting nearby). Some neighbours do keep chickens, I'll check if they've lost any recently. No particular signs of being attacked as far as I could see though.

Excellent breakdown of energy usage for different video-conferencing apps, for PC and mobile: greenspector.com/en/videoconfe

Added to the Groundlake info silo: notes.exmosis.net/groundlake/m

@ephemeral Hi there, thanks for volunteering! Here's some photos of the bird we found - seems to have orange legs and a slightly hooked, orangey-red beak. Maybe a sparrowhawk or kestrel or something?

This ultra-small generator is highly portable and works even with shallow, slow moving water. Already tested with powering street lights, it promises to allow people in the world’s remote regions to generate their own electricity [source, full video: buff.ly/2U6yeEc]

Any UK bird spotters that might be able to identify a dead bird we just found in the garden? 🪶

Alright. I need some help finding some #FOSS. I've got this #garden see? And I keep planting things and they're doing their thing and I'm eating them like the heartless beast I am... but I feel like I could be a much more efficient heartless beast. I would like to do better planning and tracking of dates planted, quantities harvested, etc.

Does anyone know of a tool that would allow me to
1. Work locally without anyone tracking me to figure out what they can try selling me.
2. Use a GUI to build a garden layout
3. Track planting and harvest details on this graphic layout.

Boosts and addition of forgotten tags are absolutely encouraged, and also I hope you're having an awesome day 😊

Finding it really nice to just clean out old console controllers in the evening. It's the new crochet, or something.

Very excited to have a piece published in Lost Futures zine #4 - a slightly personal piece on the Long Man of Wilmington, life, and thresholds. (Also a photo of my front door.)

You can pre-order a copy here:


No, I'm pretty sure "documentated" _is_ a real word.

@humanetech Hopefully it's a one off for you. One thing I've found under the same setup is that if you use !Quit" from the Ubuntu top menu bar, you lose all but one open window. I need to use File > Quit to restore all open windows.

@YiGU (Also, sadly, I haven't managed to combine those fields in any way, sigh. Maybe one day soon.)

@YiGU Wow - going to have to spend a few weeks going through your journal back issues...! Definitely interesting as someone who's half-Chinese, into photography, and also with a data-viz background. Do you have more info on what you're up to with the socialist data viz project at all?

I just want software to *stop* 

@eldaking @g In my experience, there is also a non-dev business mindset that sees "progress" as the thing of value, and a sales push to show off "new features" as innovation and headline-worthy attention-grabbing (vs competitors). The sad thing is that both user needs _and_ dev needs (including software stability) get deprioritised as a result.

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