Discovering Elizabeth Magill's work this weekend, and it's sending strange notes through my heartbones.

Yesterday's charity shop bargain was this early 80's Pac-Man board game in good condition. Some great gobbling mechanisms really selling the game to the kids here.

Charity shop find: Picked up some films on laserdisc for a mate. Epicly beautiful tech, like living inside a DVD...

Some more hacking, and you can now throw the towers as tiny seeds, to create structures of nightmares.

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Playing with evolving architecture in Roblox. Pretty straightforward so far, should be some fun stuff here.

30 years between these two, but great to finally get a new Gameboy game.

Doing 8 things at once and sometimes that's how I like it.

Morning and tzag all. Making a Saturday morning pixel sigil to wish you all energy.

I am daftly fascinated by walls which have been partially painted over.

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