Any UK bird spotters that might be able to identify a dead bird we just found in the garden? 🪶

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@ephemeral Hi there, thanks for volunteering! Here's some photos of the bird we found - seems to have orange legs and a slightly hooked, orangey-red beak. Maybe a sparrowhawk or kestrel or something?

@scribe Hmm...the claws and beak don't look like a predator to me, although it's hard to tell when it's all balled up like that. It could be a juvenile of something so the colouring would be different than adult.

My first instinct was turtle dove, but the colouring is wrong. After a quick browse on RSPB I'm still not sure – they have a nice tool:

But I wouldn't be too surprised if it turned out to be some kind of domestic chicken/poultry. It has that shape...

@ephemeral Thanks, that was my first thought too, but the beak threw me (we do get sparrowhawks nesting nearby). Some neighbours do keep chickens, I'll check if they've lost any recently. No particular signs of being attacked as far as I could see though.

@scribe Sometimes they sneak off. One of my friend's chickens started sneaking off for long periods one year. They didn't pass much heed – she was old and had her quirks. Then on Easter Sunday Mrs. Chicken sauntered in with four chicks behind her. She had decided to keep a few, and brought them back to the roost after. Magic stuff.

Yours could have died from a lot of things. Some predators break necks, or it could have just died naturally.

The beak is strange but don't think it's a hawk.

@ephemeral Great tale - hope they kept them :)

Aha, I have been informed it's a red-legged partridge!

@scribe very nice! Good spot whoever got that! I had thought grouse too but seemed wrong; apparently it would have been close.

And yes the chicks stayed with them and all grew up together. Unfortunately three of em were killed in a big pine marten attack a few years later. But that's chicken-life.

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