Thinking about collecting an archive of "micro rituals".

Do you have any little traditions or personal rituals you maintain?

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@scribe too many to list! Sometimes I worry it is bordering on compulsive behaviour.

@Luke @scribe
Obsessive behaviour as unconscious intent to enact semi-religious longings. I like that.

@simsa04 @Luke Now I'm wondering if my subconscious habits have more meaning than I give credit for. There's a meditation in there...

In this regard I'm utterly Jungian :-) In view the subconscious as the door (not the dwelling place) through which the spirits and ghosts walk through. And not just your my personal ghosts of the past but of all, mine and others, from the past, present, and future.

And there is a nice thought by James Hillman and Michael Ventura on this: As humans suppress the wilderness "out there", it reoccurs in our societies, as pathologies. And in us, as "obsessions".

Obsessive behaviour may thus not just be an attempt to control wilderness, but the form itself in which wilderness re-appears.

@simsa04 I love the way that that mixes up what's "inside" and "outside" of us, which seems to be a pretty basic way of seeing things...

One reason why I keep this stance. Another is that it makes "ego" and the rational faculties of a person (not its "mind") traits of the soul, amongst many others. And thirdly, because it doesn't distinguish between past, present, and future.

@simsa04 Exactly. This reinforcement of ego is a battle we* haven't even started to scratch yet.

* "We" defined by the entirety of a greater consciousness woven into and emerged from universal energy flow.

As part of the soul (or psychê, if you will), I think ego has its place: to take care of and defend one's dignity and those of others (the latter can include pretty much).
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