The interesting two things I took away from this article:

1) Prices mirror demand and supply, not the actual resources of lithium in the ground
2) Elon Musk thinks about getting into mining and refining (which would make a lot of sense given the current near allout Chinese dominance of manufacturing of lithium batteries and the supply chains involved).

#energy #batteries

@simsa04 Aye - (1) is about the supply chain, and where the bottlenecks in it are. And (2) does make sense, and I wonder if/when Google and Amazon will get properly into the electricity generation sector for their data centres too.
s/steam/electric/g. The more things change, etc...

Yep, Amazon, Google, and perhaps Facebook too. Esp. as they increasing efforts in their own fintech branches. Would it be interesting for Chinese platforms like Tencent and Alibaba to join? Or would it rather the conduit by which Chinese authorities might control these platforms even more? Interesting perspectives. Thank you for nudging them.

And thank you for the pointer to the second article.
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