Claiming the 6 year badge for my phone - I love that Fairphone users celebrate a little bit of longevity like this 🙂

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Oh no! How long has #Fairphone been cloudflare?!

Sorry we had to unboost even though we absolutely love to hear news like this :(

Fairphone needs to come to #Australia yesterday but not while leaking data to the greatest MitM Attack our humanity has ever seen.


We are proud to stand corrected. It looks like #Fairphone is no longer going through Cloudflare.


Its rare to see a website leave the Cloudflare swamp, of 17 million sites (and growing rapidly).

A database update may be in order, @MitiGator

Congratulations to the team at FP for seeing the light. Lets hope others follow your example — and please come to #Australia, FP.

@dsfgs That's good news indeed. Wonder if that was an intentional switch.

We actually were wrong. Unfortunately, @Fairphone is still going through Cloudflare at, which includes a sign-in function.

Its a shame. Thank goodness their 'forum' subdomain doesn't. But giving anything to Cf is a black mark on their record, we are sorry to inform.

Anyone can check domains for Cf themselves. There are multiple simple ways. Just ask.

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