Mental exercise: Let the planet save humanity, rather than the other way around.

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Mental exercise: the Earth does not care at all about humanity. Sooner and later, it will wipe us out and continue without us.

It's in fact pretty challenging an excercise, esp. as reactions like those claiming that the planet does not care for humanity and can live without us are so typical. But what if it did? (I know, this wasn't your exercise, but I'm extrapolating.)


I wouldn’t say it as you did, because the planet surely doesn’t care about humanity. But it will go down like this: Earth’s stressed ecology will reduce our numbers and other species by consequence—it’s begun—to where those left, if any, can’t actually do anymore harm to the system. Yes, that means substantial loss to the human population, to the point it scratches for survival and growth economics is myth. That’ll be the best saving of humanity we can hope for, and what we’ll deserve.

@wion @simsa04 @ParadeGrotesque Perhaps the subtler switch I was thinking is that we can achieve a lot by thinking we're dependent on the earth, not the other way around. Too much "action" is based on a saviour complex still, and a desire to keep life/mindset as-is. But a true alternative is a fundamentally different form of humility.

@wion @simsa04 @ParadeGrotesque More broadly, I find myself jumping between the tao of the universe in all its uncaring straw dog fashion and the love that humanity can kindle when done right. The latter is depressing because its so fragile, but the former keeps me sane.

The belief that "the planet doesn't care about humanity" and will continue without us is just the mirror image of what you (rightly) call the "saviour" attitude. Engrained in it is the same dogma of apartness. I thus just think that those "environmentalists" who think about the earth in terms of "systems" and "bio-degredation" are pretty much of the same ilk as those drilling for oil, perhaps only a little less honest. (We might call the latter "bullshit environmentalism", in line of "bullshit jobs".)
I remember George Carlin saying the planet itself is fine.
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