Intrigued to observe that I often think about "non-materialism" in terms of consumption and physical stuff, but Lao Tzu focuses more on a deeper, more inner notion of senses and experience. Stuff and content is just a vehicle for that stimulation, but not the only way.

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@scribe - This is one of the most important talks I've heard in my whole life, but it is strangely related to the topic too...

@vattuvarg I love the notion of seeing 'us' as energy-processing energy-beings rather than individual organisms that Jill mentions. That's a big jump.

@scribe - The entire universe is one energy, imho. So for me it seems fairly logical to regard it as a whole.

The relation between the left and right brain halves is similar to the way the universe itself is. So understanding the way the brain works helps when trying to understand our personal relation to the rest of the universe. The pumped energy level of the brain is there for a reason. My guess is that it helps the left side of the brain to handle the daily life problems better.

@scribe - Bose / Einstein Condensates

(I think the brain is a BEC).

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