How would you describe your relationship with email newsletters?

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@scribe i read some. once i delete one without reading it enough times that it starts going into the junk folder, i unsubscribe.

@black6 Good idea. I bounce between skimreading and deeper reading, but always feels like I should be more ruthless about scrapping some.

I subscribe to a lot, use them as archives of sources I otherwise would have to bookmark. Most are saved in folders of their names, some are deleted after reading. Important ones are separately stored.

@simsa04 An intriguing alternative, like a reference library?

Yes. As I use Thunderbird as email client, I could even use tags and colours for grouping. But I usually refrain from too much in-depth processing and prefer to leave things to my recollection. That way I can weave more complex interrelations, and via oblivion and forgetting can always be surprised again on re-discovery.
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