@simsa04 Hello again, new old friend. Reversioned and, I hope, revitalised.

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Hi! Yes, reversioned, again, and curious about the new prospects. A lot of new posts here, many to brush up my rusty Spanish. Although I'm sad for who put a lot of heart in his efforts to get GSNO running. Pity it didn't succeed.

I must say that I get used to "node-hopping" — as it undoubtedly must seem from the outside. For me it's different: I don't see instances as "places" in the #fediverse in which we "dwell" (with admins as landlords telling us: "My home, my rules"). To me instances are specific "doors" by which we enter the fediverse, the tone and atmosphere of an instance being its peculiar character (from which the amount of accounts and the segment of the fediverse it "sees" directly result). And with instances as "doors", who lives on a door sill? Nobody, we "use" them to pass through.

If only one's subcribers are kind enough to follow one around wherever one hops. So thank you for this and be well for now.
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