Bike dynamos for charging USB batteries, for someone only riding irregularly - inefficient and pointless, or feasible alternative?

I like the idea of cycling on rollers for an hour in the garden, but only if it's going to provide a decent bunch of charge.

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To me, using a bicycle dynamo for charging only makes sense if it's riding you were going to be doing anyway. An hour of any human being's time, which could be spent in doing something worthwhile, or in simple leisure, for a few cents' worth of electricity, is a bizarre trade.

@publius It's more for the off-gridness of it I guess. But looking at the stats, it's a lot of cycling time for not much energy yeah. Emergency use only...


I guess the appeal just passes me by.

Grids are such an amazing tool for getting the most benefit from a given resource input that "off-grid" is basically a hobby for the well-to-do, & I already have more of those than I have money!

Strange as it may sound for someone whose Master Plan is "bugger off to the Moon", I'm far more interested in solutions at a scale appropriate to a world of 10 billion people. So far as I can tell, solarpunk just isn't about that.

@publius Over here, maybe off-grid is a bit of a luxury. In other places and scenarios, it's the only option (eg migrants, and heavily rural communities, farmers, etc)

But yeah, the idea of an 'off-grid city', say, doesn't get addressed much. Which is a shame, but perhaps inevitable?

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