First day of a new chapter and you can do anything. Where do you begin?

(After making coffee, obvs)

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Welcome back, scribe!

There's a lot to do :)

In January, we produced a (#)fediFlyer with customisable content. One variant talks about "#Aspects" another allows anyone to produce their very own #Fediverse (#)BugBounty, to get more eyeballs on the code.

All of this is to help boost Fedi amidst some very bad practices by #BigTech, including now in #Australia.

In March, our govt asked #Facebook to bribe our #corporateMedia and #Fakebook said, "We'll decide how we #bribe" (paraphrasing).

Another very interesting tidbit.

After we publish the (#)FediverseIcon and (#)FediFlyer on (#)Wikimedia Commons/(#)Wikipedia they, continually blocked us and kept shifting the goalposts until they had deleted our content completely from the site.

Funny how #Google and other corporateGiants can show their works on Wikimedia but not a "#DickSmith #FairGo Supporters" page.

Thankfully at least one good soul, who we haven't forgotten about, is hosting the flyer.

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