Retro game fans - hypothetically, if you were going to put together a collection of (emulated) all-time classic games, what (one) hardware setup would you run it all off?

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@scribe Pi Arcade is probably the best option at the moment with easy gpio for various controllers.


get an intel nuc, slap linux on it, pick your favorite emulators, and then frontend it all with a riced out attract mode installation.

I'd opt for the intel nuc over a pi because some old arcade games don't run with full frames on it. But it probably covers most everyone's use case. Not sure if attractmode runs on a pi, never tried.


It’s kind of a bear to get setup, but once you get it figured out it’s pretty sick. Start with a single emulator and dial it in and you’ll be able to extend it for all of your emulators.

@scribe Odroid Go Super is basically this; it's an emulation powerhouse with a fantastic form factor.

@scribe It would be 2 setups, one for crt-gaming and one for newer games. If you need to emulate crt - then high-end cpu is needed to run retroarch with run-ahead latency reduction + gpu for shaders.

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