I'm actually a sucker for meaningless graphics that just look like network graphs but don't really represent anything. Don't know why.

Oh wait I wonder if this is why I like the Qabalistic Tree of Life so much as a mental model. Have I been hoisted by my superficial appreciation of network-as-aesthetic into a spiritual worldview?

@vortex_egg I always feel the same with Buddhism and it's concept of interdependent origination.

@starcide oh yeah, that resonates with me for much the same reason.

@vortex_egg @starcide Under taoism, everything comes from the tao, splitting and rejoining and splitting and rejoining endlessly. The fractal-gridness of it all is a mystery that drives you insane until you accept the mystery of it all 🙃


@vortex_egg @starcide Can't decide whether to full-on study the I Ching, for instance, or just accept its strange arrangements and links...

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@scribe @vortex_egg I've read ziporyns two volume set on Chinese philosophy which covered a bit of I Ching interpretation, sounded fascinating but I'm not sure its a rabbit hole I want/need to go down :blob_gnikniht:

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