@Argus Fascinating read, thanks for the link.

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How about that Clubhouse is sending your complete phonebook with all contacts to their servers?

Can Houseclub disable this by default?


Dunno about Clubhouse. Don't use it. But I posted an #ActivityPub issue at if only for taking into consideration. Copy those fedi contacts ;)

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@grishka @humanetech @scribe @Argus

I don't understand.
Does it mean it does not implement the invite part (which would be nice) ?
For any invite Clubhouse is taking the complete phonebook by default and sends it to their servers.

@sl007 @humanetech @scribe @Argus Yes it does not. It doesn't access contacts at all. There are no notifications too. That's what "barebones" means in the description ;)

@sl007 @humanetech @scribe @Argus I did make use of this occasion to promote my actual serious project 😏

@sl007 @humanetech @scribe @Argus

The somewhat unwanted side effect of this is that people join my telegram chat and... just look at this.

@grishka @humanetech @scribe @Argus you write that 'Registration should work' but the application starts by just showing a login button. Is there already a way implemented to register from Android?

@lioh @humanetech @scribe @Argus It creates a blank account if you log in and don't have one. The "registration" part is where you set the name and the username.

@grishka @humanetech @scribe @Argus ah. It just flickers and the Login screen appears again. How do I have to enter the number? Like 0041... or +41... or without my country code?

@grishka thanks very much for the implementation. Only thing missing is changing the profile pic ;)

@lioh yeah everyone's asking about it, but — tomorrow. And then I need to get back to working on Smithereen ;)

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