What was the last book series you bingeread?

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@sqeeezy Thanks - not heard of it before, but does sound good after looking it up. On my list...

@scribe Hope you enjoy it. My dad'd had Clea, which I'd read, and I asked for the Quartet, when school asked me what prize I wanted for being brainy ('68). I think I was wowed by the (to-me-then) exotic atmosphere of it, although I can't remember any details now. Ater Uni I came to prefer Kerouac, Kesey, Tom Wolfe, Tom Robbins.

@scribe I don’t really read book series’ so the last one I binged was about 20 years ago - The Riftwar Saga by Raymond E Feist. Awful writing, but what can I say? I tore through them like a bag of doughnuts ​:blobwizard:​ Otherwise (and less embarrassingly) like another commenter I binge read Murakami and Raymond Carver’s books​:blobmiou:

@pretendcato Hehe, guilty pleasure reading... There's no shame if you enjoy it!

I'm going to have to pick up another Murakami soon. And the wife has a few Jeanette Winterson books. She's on Farn Kiss Stein currently...

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