I have this nagging fear that my photography is past its peak. Or that it's in a limbo zone. Like I need to just start again technically, but knowing all I've learnt.

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Seems to me more to be correlated with your leaving a job of 13 years. It's not necessarily a verdict on your photogrpahy, although this change of jobs can have a good impact to broaden your photography.

@simsa02 Quite possibly... A yearning to do something different. Or a stopping and reflecting point. Lockdown isn't helping my time/inspiration either!

Perhaps you need new questions. Then subjects (in the sense of "sujet") will follow and techniques will come back to you.

@simsa02 Good point - I feel like playing with mediums has been 'training', and now it's ready to 'take on' something more ... impactful.

"Impactful" is a function of respect, IMO. Bow to your topics, and they may reveal some inner workings... (I don't mean it that preachy as it sounds.)

@simsa02 Hmmm, yes yes, that speaks to me. Good portraiture is all about that. But that is good advice for any subject. Cheers, I will reflect on that...

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