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Your First Computer Interaction Memory

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@scm aaaah i started doing single interviews on a similar subject but then people telling how that relationship evolved

@scm actually i wanted that depth, or more that chronological spread of the interaction with computers and the internet, here's the only interview i managed to do, but everything is in spanish

@m0lly I see. I don't know Spanish, only English and code, but I'm sure I could find a translator to pipe the audio through.

@scm wow, would be interesting, i really left the project off because i lacked time, but i'd like to resuscitate it and maybe do some in english... anyway, i'll think and answer to your proposal!

@m0lly Not a proposal, or for my show, I'm just interested in what those that you interviewed had to say.


I think the first computer we had at home was one of the classic Macintosh computers; maybe OS 7 or 8 or 9 or something like that. The general sensory impression of it. Using floppy discs... There was a screensaver I loved that showed swimming fish but I broke it one day by trying to move it to the desktop so I could start it easier, and it never recovered. I also got to play with Microsoft Paint on one or another CRT-having Windows machine a few times. The machines in question would have been XP at the most recent.

I remember how things looked and felt more than any specific technical aspects.

...I feel like computers *could* be beautiful. But at some point the corporations that build them noticed and tossed poison on the relevant pesky weeds, and now everything is dead. I feel like things used to be prettier, but it might just be that I'm dead now, too, and can't tell the difference any more.

@autumnal Thanks for sharing! I too had a breakage moment when I was young, with my family's very expensive 486 computer.

I wanted to connect to local bulletin boards like my friend was, so my friend and I took it upon ourselves to install a spare modem in one of my computers free adapter slots. After we finished, when I powered up the machine, the results were beep codes and a black screen! Thankfully, the store that we bought it from exchanged it for a working one.

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