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Through no fault of it's own the creative commons in a lot of ways, kind of took the wind out of the GNU FDL license.

Which I kind of find a shame as there are some things the GFDL addresses that still make it worthwhile; but it's also in need of a new revision.

Not that I oppose the GPLv3 far from it; it is however not meant for documents. I usually use the GFDL for that.

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I'm a little confused about how the applies to HTML/CSS/SVG/#Hugo themes though.

The mastodon sharing widgets in this repo here are under GPLv3.

I'm not going to use their javascript at all; but do plan on using their CSS and SVG. (Going to do some server side scripting instead.)

Does that mean my site itself will have to be GPL? Just the HTML and not the content ? Just the Hugo theme ?

Working on a clone/complete rewrite of my blog's current hugo theme that is completely javascriptless & framework-less. Responsive design and all.

I finished up most of the HTML/CSS bits last night. Mainly got to transition from HTML files that look like my blog with placeholder texts, to actual Hugo layouts with Hugo functions.

It is to hacker culture, what medieval europe is to fantasy fiction.

I wonder if that makes many larpers.

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Sometimes I think about the pre-80s Pre-GNU hacker culture described by Stallman and others. Where software freedom was both the norm and undefined; and all the froody people getting in on the ground floor doing exciting things which lay the foundation for the present.

It's tempting to think of it as a golden age, that one ought to have lived then and not now.

However it's a golden age restricted to a small handful of people in a handful of prominent universities.

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1. Department demands proprietary service integrated into our FLOSS LMS. It requires third party cookies to work.

2. Some versions of iOS block third party cookies. This service not working on select iOS devices infuriates the department in question. We point them at the vendor.

3. Vendor demands we re-install their integration/plugin with the exact same XML configuration we used before; claiming it has been modified.

4. Goto step two.

Thinking about splitting up my mastodon posts across multiple accounts/themes; Ive seen some others do this. How has that gone for people?

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Trying to connect to some blind linux users to talk about accessibility, please boost

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Anybody ever code a computer with under the hood? Like torment did for or the games have done for /

Im pretty sure my HTML5 class has peaked. Im 1/2 done, but between what I knew of HTML 3/4 and kind of getting the hang of the basics of CSS, I suspect Im in smooth sailing territory until we get to javascript. (If we get there.)

Unfortunately it's pretty obvious that my class isn't going to cover more modern practices (all the book's design sensibilities are from the 90s) and I'd like to explore adaptive/responsive design.

Any recommendations for additional resources?

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