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Hey I had some Mastodon friends backing the on IndieGoGo. I have questions for you but I have forgotten which of my Mastodon friends you are.

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And now Google is doing a hattrick of the same stripe as Microsoft; one which allowed Microsoft to cement their dominance for decades.

I personally find this grim.

I hope everyone likes the OS choices they have now. Your either going to have the same or less in a deacde.

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GNU/Linux and other fully operating systems have only carved out the niche they have because PC hardware of the same era was more or less OS-neutral; and more or less survives as long as their is programmer interest and hardware to run it.

We are hurtling into a future where the majority of everything is hardware locked to a bootloader; where GNU/Linux distros are allowed to boot on some UEFI platforms only because Microsoft deigns to sign their bootloader shims.

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I'm a little sore on this topic of because I was a BeOS user in the 90s. I got to see Microsoft's corporate practices steamroll over and destroy much more competitive and froody products and people. Not by being better but by shoving them out of the market, with the sheer inertia of their mass.

Be Inc was one such company caught in the middle of that crap, but there were more many more.

One telling thing about the new Google android licensing for the EU, is that based on how this seems to work. Their most afraid of competition from a premium phone that bucks their ecosystem. Thats what they want to discourage the most. There is a lesson in that for some other competing capitalist enterprise.

The rest of us need to contemplate doing without or burning the whole ecosystem down.

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@maiki @cstanhope How very 90s era Microsoft. Remember when they would up the price on OEMs if they sold any number of non-Windows machines?

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@maiki @cstanhope Oh, now I see.

The tax is only applied if your selling any products that deviate from the google plan.

" sounds like they won't be charged for the Google apps. If OEMs want to mess with Google's preferred setup and pick and choose apps, or not follow the placement requirements, then the fees will start....

...It sounds like this is still all about making sure Google gets what Google wants from these Android OEMs..."

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Is there any damn reason google would need to charge for its software and services differently based on the pixel density of the mutherfucking device?

@maiki Supports a grid but it's grid-optional. It feels a bit like 3e / 5e / Pathfinder in that regard.

Im planning on running it without one for my local group.

Forum play would be neat. Uses a standard set of dice, so any dice rollers you have will likely work with it.

@bob @PresGas I stand corrected on Tox, Ive never really used it; just circle round to it on occasion when I survey options.

I don't have a NextCloud instance at the momment; which makes that a heavyweight option but ive had them in the past. I could see how they would work great for RPG's.

@PresGas Jitsi meet is also entirely web/webrtc based; and it is accountless. So no client software needed just a WebRTC capable browser.

@PresGas It is centralized, however it is . Jitsi also runs a free public server for everyone's free use.

I've not found a completely decentralized solution that hits all the target OSes I need that scales to group video conferences well.

Tox comes close I think.

@maiki Also the setting is very lightweight in the core book but cool. MajiMonsters have overrun the world dangerously as the result of magic experimentation; creating a dark age.

People are just now again enlarging civilizations borders taming and befriending the wild beasts; under a new enlightened alchemist monarch.

@maiki Classes: Alchemist / Concordant / Knight / Ranger / Scholar / Scoundrel

Your P̶o̶k̶e̶m̶o̶n̶ MajiMonsters get access to class exclusive features as you raise/level them.

It very much is high medieval fantasy Pokemon. The collect-em-all aspect is made more optional and there is no fixed end state like "being the pokemon master"

Ive been fascinated with this MajiMonsters I tripped over a few weeks ago. In part because it's a genre you don't see a whole lot of in the pen and paper world; and im fascinated by collecting cute things.

Putting together an online game with my local RPG group. Mainly to help alleviate scheduling + distance + too many people want to DM at once, problems. Going to kick the tires on Jitsi Meet for it I think.

@ephzero Hey what got you into HaikuOS? Were you a BeOS user? Former BeOS user here, my apologies for locking in on that one hashtag so intently. Interesting, they just launched a storefront recently too, yes?

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