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What's the plan for archivists and librarians preserving these streaming only DRMed only video exclusives for the future?

Like in ~2118 when Star Trek Discovery's first season falls into the public domain, will's holographic storage depend on present day pirates to make it available?

Or have we just admitted as a culture that we won't have a public commons in 100 years and anything that isn't on physical media with weak encryption is lost to time.

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@satchmoz A good place to post this question is to the folks on (the digital preservation masto instance!)

@satchmoz I'm pretty sure it's a mix. There are archival exceptions to copyright but not to anti-drm-cracking laws. Recommend asking though, since he works there.

@enkiv2 @satchmoz You mean @textfiles ?

In any case, a lot of what'll happen, I suspect, is anonymously crack, upload, and then see if it gets DMCAed. If it does, hide it from public view until the copyright holder ceases to exist or the copyright runs out.

Worth looking at The 4am Collection as an example of how they've been handling this issue:

@enkiv2 @satchmoz @textfiles The other thing is, the statute of limitations on criminal copyright infringement is 5 years.

So, crack the DRM, do something to prove that the DRM was cracked at that time, then wait 5 years before uploading it somewhere public. Then, the DMCA violation isn't discovered until it's too late to prosecute.

@satchmoz our culture might not have admitted it but media companies certainly like to pretend it's true (or worse, lobby for it to become true, often rather successfully)

There are many fierce archivists who break DRM on the regular and store away high-quality versions of this media on redundant storage, we'll have no shortage of copies when the time comes.

@satchmoz most important thing people can do to help is appeal to their lawmakers to fix copyright's overreach