I am going to feel permanently weird about locking up 's Foundation as an exclusive to their platform.

I guess I will always have the BBC radio dramas

@satchmoz HUH? What are you saying? in which sense they are locking Asimov's Foundation? 😡

@satchmoz (obviously the anger was not directed at you... sorry if it seemed so...)

@satchmoz Didn't know there were BBC dramas! And PD? Wow. Thanks!
@cstanhope @satchmoz

> "Not many people know that" dept. -
> This broadcast was the direct inspiration for the now legendary Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, which was written as a spoof.........


These comments are the funniest:

> (altnough why a British accent was used I have no idea)

This is just sad and confused:

> This radio dramatization was produced by the BBC and is currently on sale. Why is it available here for free? Sadly this appears to be an example of the dark side of the internet.
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