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satchmoz @satchmoz

Do any / / people in the know any sources for the history behind the Edwin editor?

It's maintained now entirely within MIT/Scheme but Im discovering other ancient scheme dialects were using it as their default editor, which implies to me it had a life of it's own at one point.

Having trouble finding any HISTORY files or anything.

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@satchmoz you stumbled upon a mysterious long lost sect of LISPers, please share whatever ancient knowlege and spells you excavate from the depths of this excursion.

@catonano @satchmoz I know that Edwin forked off of a much older version of GNU Emacs but replaced elisp with scheme. However it hasn't caught up to the many things you can do these days in emacs.

Now's a good opportunity to be be wistful about Guile Emacs

@cwebber @catonano So what piqued my curiosity is that Texas Instruments appears to have been using Edwin directly integrated into PC-Scheme in the 80s. PC-Scheme was eventually released under a clumsy pseudo libre license; but it doesn't seem like it could possibly square with any terms GNU Emacs would have been distributed under.

@cwebber @catonano Unless there are multiple scheme based editors named Edwin floating around.

@cwebber @catonano Also early version of MIT/Scheme and PC-Scheme would have been contemporaries I think if I have my timeline right.

I don't pretend to know when Edwin started shipping with MIT/Scheme but that seems wierd that they would both be aware of each other and both include emacs-like scheme based REPL integrated editors under the same name.

Just feels like there is a story there, though maybe a tiny one.

@satchmoz @catonano I think there was a pre emacs-based edwin... IIRC it even appears in the SICP 80s videos but I could be wrong