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@satchmoz I read that, and created a quest to learn more:

So far, I am not impressed. I want to be really excited, but I currently don't see how Talk is better than say, . Even at the level of hosting.

But I need to take it for a test ride to really respond.

@maiki I suspect, Its not meant to be a Discourse replacement. Its meant to be a Disqus replacement.

@satchmoz yeah, but does that, like really well. Especially when integrated with .

Building static sites means having to know all about Disqus and alternatives, and I am convinced Discourse is by far the winner, if not a little resource heavy (but I mean, it starts at $10 a month for a VPS, but certainly easier than Talk as is).

But I need to show how it works, otherwise these publishers aren't gonna listen. ^_^

satchmoz @satchmoz

@maiki Specific solutions/right tool asside. I think also the article has more value as, maybe FLOSS has a role to play in making internet comments less of a shit storm?

That and emphasizing the themes of what make FLOSS solutions great in this space. Decentralization, ownership of data, etc, etc.

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