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I can't find any articles critical of the aside from awkwardness. Has anyone criticized/commented on the firmware?

@maiki This post covers the broad strokes of what is blobbed as of May.

WiFi , GPU , Boot Rom + Proprietary flashing tool.

@satchmoz thanks for the link. Yeah, I am skipping that. Got not interest in a "hackable" product so closed out of the box.

I am sure you feel the same way, I want to put my money where my mouth is... but where do I put my money?!

@maiki one thing that is obvious to me is that it is the state of SoCs which is terrible for freedom right now.

Lots of project like the various single board computers and the PocketChip would use more open SoCs in a hearbeat if they existed.

Getting SoC manufacturers to understand there is a market for that is really the first step.

@satchmoz so you are saying I *should* buy a . ^_^

What are your top watched projects? I want to start tracking them, too.

@maiki I also subscribed to the low-risc mailing list recently. Which in theory should be the best early alert for any completely liberated Risc V SoC projects.

@satchmoz I don't know much about RISC-V. This is a confession, but I always see it in the context of *BSD folks getting excited, and that ain't me, so I filed it under: "mostly harmless"/

So I will need to look it up, but what are the broad strokes? Why would an above average OCD technologists care about RISC-V? ^_^

@maiki BSDs are primarily interested in it because it's an architecture linux doesn't own yet and it's got a lot of Academic interest (i.e. Berkley) so there is historic synergy there.

@satchmoz I sometimes wish I had a reason to jump into a BSD, but I have no practical reason. I just lurk around hoping to gain that magic insight via osmosis. GNU + GNOME does it for me.

satchmoz @satchmoz

@maiki I get it. I didn't touch BSD for a long time and I still load NetBSD down with all the utilities I think it ought to ship it with.

And honestly I like Gnome a lot too. Though I often wish Gnome was more plugged into the rest of the GNU project.

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@satchmoz re: GNU/Gnome, yeah, me too. I mean, I kinda get it, but there seems to be a lot of effort for the same things, coming from different angles.

On one hand I wish I had all the eyes on the the code I use, and on the other hand I am glad folks are building to different philosophies.

Still better than monolithic, corporate OS design!

@maiki I think that is part of the the appeal of the BSDs for some. Each 's base system is developed as a unified whole. There isnt a seperate NetBSD bootloader project independent from the kernel independent from the init system. There is just NetBSD.

Same for FreeBSD, OpenBSD, etc.

There is a unity of purpose & a unity as to what the target is there.

That & the target is Unix.

GNU/Linux sometimes targets world domination; & I get that, but sometimes that is at odds with the other goal.