On a fresh copy of Windows 10 you have to race to disable the built in store if you don't want a candy crush launcher or a half dozen other pointless bits of claptrap cluttering your start menu.

But when Microsoft gives people the ability to uninstall the calculator tech sites act like it's a big deal.

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@satchmoz Ohh... So that's how you can avoid that stuff... I'll have to remember that.

@satchmoz i see a lot of parallels between using the microsoft operating system and the apple mobile devices. although i do not use windows at all right now, i enjoy hearing complaints and solutions from the cool people who for whatever reason do use it.

also candy crush is a particularly funny thing for them to force install. to me it has the same ring of "hear this well: f- you all end users" as when apple puts garageband on my iphone as if it's commonly usable on such a screen.

@nydel Its all about walled gardens, invading your privacy, dictating to users, proprietary software, vendor lock in and making hardware disposable. Apple, Microsoft and Google are all mostly interchangeable on most of those fronts.

I avoid them all when I can.

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