I'm a little sore on this topic of because I was a BeOS user in the 90s. I got to see Microsoft's corporate practices steamroll over and destroy much more competitive and froody products and people. Not by being better but by shoving them out of the market, with the sheer inertia of their mass.

Be Inc was one such company caught in the middle of that crap, but there were more many more.


GNU/Linux and other fully operating systems have only carved out the niche they have because PC hardware of the same era was more or less OS-neutral; and more or less survives as long as their is programmer interest and hardware to run it.

We are hurtling into a future where the majority of everything is hardware locked to a bootloader; where GNU/Linux distros are allowed to boot on some UEFI platforms only because Microsoft deigns to sign their bootloader shims.

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And now Google is doing a hattrick of the same stripe as Microsoft; one which allowed Microsoft to cement their dominance for decades.

I personally find this grim.

I hope everyone likes the OS choices they have now. Your either going to have the same or less in a deacde.

@satchmoz I cannot bring myself to favorite this, but I have to say you are likely correct.

@satchmoz I'd like to be able to put custom software on my phone without 1) permission from the ODM or my carrier; 2) having to "root" anything; 3) losing any functionality of the phone

I think these are all reasonable expectations. Carrier/ODM can keep control of the RIL (as long as it's ONLY for cellular -- no gimping wi-fi or bluetooth) and I can run whatever I like for the non-radio part.

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