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Is there any damn reason google would need to charge for its software and services differently based on the pixel density of the mutherfucking device?

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google, profanity, android, eu 

@satchmoz I can't think of a reason beyond attempting to get a larger piece of higher margin phones.

google, profanity, android, eu 

@satchmoz the application of the highest fees aligns with the richest countries in EU (UK included; they've not brexited yet)

So it's shitty capitalism combined with rerunning MS's playbook from 1983

I really don't want my other alternative for mobile to be "iOS" because I spent a year with it and it didn't stick (Apple's walled garden is hideous, so I guess I went back to slightly less-hideous)

google, profanity, android, eu 

@yakkoj I think im done with android, like I was done with Windows in the 90s.

LineageOS.. Replicant... im not interested in them. Im done.

iOS isn't an option for me. The GPL incompatibilities of their ecosystem and lack of legal side ecosystems repulse me.

Im putting the tablet and phone away tonight.

I think im going to flash Plasma Mobile on a Nexus 5 I have in a drawer, while I mull on next steps.

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