Can someone point me to a resource for understanding mesh stuff? Im honestly not a networking guy, but tinc always looked neat, and mesh networking and VPNs are all things I like conceptually.

A lot of the example configurations ive seen start off simple but I get muddled on what their doing the further in I get.

@satchmoz Apart from the cryptography used all these dynamic proxies work the same. They use UDP, so both IP addresses may change during the communication as each data packet has the sender IP on it and if one peer gets a new sender IP it will direct further output to that address. Message acknowledgement and ordering / resending / etc is done at a higher layer.

@satchmoz Is there a part where you get confused in particular? Tinc is cool, but the documentation can be a bit overwhelming IMO.

@anarchosaurus I can't recall. Ive got a past history of starting with it and getting overwhelmed and starting.

Id really love a tutorial or something that walked one through the bear simplest config of two machines and using them in a traditional VPN way, and then maybe building on that.

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