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satchmoz @satchmoz

The good work over on the "okreader" project is kind of amazing to me.

They have hacked away at a few kobo readers and made them virtually blob free barring wifi and the eink display controller.

No DRM, no other proprietary software. No vertically integrated store. No gaping spots in the UI begging for other proprietary services to be turned on.

Everything I want in an eReader.

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The icing on the cake is that the project by which they derive their front end has wireless Calibre support, and is working on an optional plugin for Wallabag integration.

Might have to grab a Kobo Glo off eBay in the near future. And finally have a decent upgrade from my Sony PRS-600.

@satchmoz and i just picked up an aura2 days ago ;_;

Good to see that there's a bright future for kobo devices being an open platform for those of us that care about that sort of thing though

@chuck Check out "koreader" not a full libre firmware, but the "front end" project can be inserted beside the Kobo OS/UI and be chosen at startup (using Kobo startmenu). Would still give you some of that icing, like wireless Calibre sync.

@chuck I *think* it supports the Aura2, deffinitely can be installed on many newer models.

@chuck @satchmoz I always liked how "hackable" these things seemed to be. I'm thinking I might get a new microsd card (the firmware's just on an internal card!), swap it out so i have a backup, and try installing some new things on my Glo :)

@satchmoz Looks awesome, but it hasn't seen a commit in over a year and still says it's in alpha state :(

I'd gladly donate money, hardware, and/or testing to see this pick up steam again, but at the moment it seems like KOReader is still the best I'm gonna be able to do on my Kobo.

@seanl Check out their bug tracker they are still active.

@satchmoz Oh hey look at that!

Of course, it also won't work with any current Kobo, so I'd have to buy an old one to use it. Might be worth doing, though!

@seanl @satchmoz The project that it’s based on, koreader still very much active an should work on a wider variety of current hardware, which I think makes it more exciting anyway.

Gonna try it on my kindle for sure.

@maecah @satchmoz I initially installed KOReader because it supports DjVu, which I wanted to use for manga because the .cbz files were huge and the Kobo Aura Edition 2 doesn't have an SD card slot. I liked it so much I now use it as my only reader.

@satchmoz I've run on a for a couple years now, it is pretty cool. I don't use any wireless stuff, though. I did try setting it up with support so I could download books directly from , but despite loading other ODPS repos, I couldn't get mine to work.

But sounds more my speed. Glo HD isn't supported, maybe I can help...

@maiki Check their bug tracker, they have a long thread in there which makes it sound like Glo HD support is close.

@satchmoz I am reaching for function-focused objects to carry with me, so the Kobo is tagging along more and more these days. I'd like to read more, but that requires other life changes...

@maiki doing something not too dissimilar. Trying to divvy up things into general computer or focus function devices, and then limiting myself to the fewest number of them needed. Driving functions to my laptop wherever there seems like excess or no acceptable focus function device.