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Guys is everyone accepting a non-free license on their dev tools to build their FLOSS android apps?

Replicant was going out of their way to ship a libre SDK before their 6.0 but they stopped and started people at Debian's packages.

But Debian Wiki says you have to accept the non-free License Agreement to use the tools

Background on the weird Android SDK licensing shenanigans here:

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This issue has strongly demotivated me from bothering with Native Android. I've been watching alternatives eagerly: languages or frameworks that help one bypass the Android SDK. Current favourite might end up being Löve2d with the newish "Gooi" layout engine..

@cathal Löve uses the Android NDK to make it's android binaries doesn't it? isn't that covered by the same agreement?

I ask because I went down this rabbithole because I was looking at Gnu Kara for Android development.

I don't know how transitivity works here, tbh. If I use the terminal on my phone through the built-in terminal app, probablybthat was compiled by the SDK, so am I bound by the SDK terms, then?
Is the @fdroidorg project mission to distribute AGPL software on Android undermined by this, for example? I don't know, but my feeling is that at a certain distance, I don't inherit the terms. Maybe cases like Löve are too close? Don't know?

@cathal @fdroidorg Free software isn't less free because of a non-free SDK but it presents other problems.

Also for FDroid and Replicant their whole long term goal is a completely free ecosystem, that's gotta eventually exclude that.

@cathal @satchmoz

Basically all parts used by #fdroid should actually be free software, googles tries to hide that well though. This blog post elaborates on this:

I say *should*, because the situation is constantly evolving and while we try our best to keep on top of any new SDK parts and licenses this is still on a best effort basis.

The situation is definitely not ideal. 😕

@satchmoz "You may not use this SDK to develop applications for other platforms (including non-compatible implementations of Android) or to develop another SDK"

Rather than trying to band-aid Android (which is a honorable effort of course) we should replace it. Not like we don't have tons of good software in GNU/Linux, we just cannot run it on mobile and it bums me

@satchmoz I'm not entirely sure, but mostly my "Android Dev Tools" use has been "how can I test android software without an android device handy". So for, me, I am almost certain that I am accepting a non-free license for what I've tested.