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I spent a large chunk of last night moving my whole eBook collection into Calibre.

I guess you could count me an early adopter of the whole eBook thing. I started buying eBooks and breaking their DRM back in PalmOS days.

I also kind of prodded into supporting Apple Newtons and pointed them up to the tools they needed to do the conversion back in the day.

The moment ePub was a thing I wrote my own scripts, decrypting and converting my books to ePub by way of html, wrestling with cover art and text encodings.

I have got eBooks whose cover art is stairing at me now in Calibre which are (ship builders paradox asside) bordering on 15 years old by my reckoning.

satchmoz @satchmoz

I can take these books now that their in a standard to almost any device on planet earth and read them. And will continue to be able to do so for the forseable future.

The fact that users are happy with devices that can't read epub natively blows my mind.

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Nooo don't stop now, recommend us a better ereader! The Kindle won because of the form factor, battery life, and ePaper screen. What's a good libre alternative, so I can put my money on it?

@cathal @satchmoz I too would like this.

I've got a kobo at the moment, which isn't *awful*, except at initial setup time.

@lupine @cathal I know of no existing fully libre device with ePaper screen that can do the part.

Though Europe seems to have quite a few which atleast have no integrated eBook store and are designed to work with third parties. Such as the Onyx Boox and the like.

I personally use an old Sony PRS model. Though ive flirted with the notion of getting the Remarkable Tablet recently.

@lupine @cathal Here you go guys, completely libre firmware for select Kobos.

@satchmoz @lupine @cathal so is Kobo our best worst option for ereaders? anything else? I am visiting Europe this summer...any good one sold there?

my Kindle is on its last legs and I do not want to give Amazon any more money.

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@eliasg @lupine @cathal Honestly there aren't hardly any ePaper screens with completely libre under pinnings, just greater and lesser degrees of proprietary bits.

The kobo alternate firmware took me by surprise, as they seem to have eliminated all but two or three binary blobs, which is honestly very unusual in this space.

Onyx Boox and Pocketbook may both be worth looking at too, though they ship with google services.

@satchmoz @lupine @cathal
I emailed Pocketbook to find out where they sell in Asia.
For those of us in Asia we can buy it from here:

Price is quite reasonable compared to the Kindle international edition. This is on my #tobuy list now.

@satchmoz @cathal @lupine Cool, thanks. I have some ebooks from Verso who don't do DRM, but, though I have moved them to a VM I use for off-line wikipedia (with Kiwix) on Qubes OS and this may make a difference as I am regularly off-line, I have never yet got into reading ebooks on a computer.