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Is it just me, or is there a game where anyone named sander follows anyone named remotely like sander?

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a fellow user shared this "Don't Be a Sucker" a neat short film made by the US War Department

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That movie was a total rip off. 

Turns out the mission was totally possible!

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So apparently Das Keyboard might boot you out of their forums is you talk about the open source driver someone made for their keyboards. Never used them, and now I never will.

I've been enjoying listening to radio lately. I just listened to what I suspect is a chinese news broadcast.

I didn't understand a word, but it's really cool that I can receive it!

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Why do the modded minecraft community insist on using the twitch client? There is no linux version available FFS!

I'm having so much fun with , you won't believe it!

It's basically a "fantasy" (meaning software) retro gaming console, with ridiculous amounts of community made games.

My partner and I have been enjoying Star Trek TOS lately. It's a product of its time, but as such, it's not bad.

I really wish mastodon had groups, like gnu social...

Ham folks! Ed Knobloch posted a piece of ham radio history on

"Heathkit - A Guide to the Amateur Radio Products" by Chuck Penson, WA7ZZE, published 1995:

You and I can't be friends if you hide anything behind an link. By all means, have the option, but don't let it be the only option.

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