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tech under capitalism is the snake that eats its own tail. an ouroboros of rising rents and snuffed possibilities.

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Who Has Your Back? Censorship Edition 2019 | Electronic Frontier Foundation

157. Why Freedom of Speech isn't Free and Apple's Helping China Crackdown on Hong Kong Protesters in the Name of Profit | Cindy Cohn - The Disruptors

Police departments have discovered how Facebook makes negative or extreme content go viral. Experts say it’s destroying peoples’ trust in them.

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1 BTC = 9339.2648 USD (average from all sources)
1 BTC = 9326.0694 USD (source:
1 BTC = 9325.66 USD (source:
1 BTC = 9380.03 USD (source:
1 BTC = 9325.3 USD (source:

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