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Anarkismo: **Why the Jews?**

"Thoughts by an Anarchist Jew on the Rise in Anti-Semitism There has been an increase in anti-Jewish actions in the U.S. Why is this? Why have Jews been focused on by fascists and haters? There are traditional reasons for anti-semitism. The establishment of the state of Israel has created an interaction between anti-semitism and anti-Zionism. Where anti-semi…"

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Ah the irony of an authoritarian propaganda machine calling out another authoritarian politicians on economic authoritarianism...

And if you think Porn is Bad there’s definitely an established body of criticism out there. You could start with Dworkin and McKinnon or go back to just a few years before that when people were losing their jobs for owning “Physique” magazines, authors were routinely taken to court on obscenity charges, and sex stores were constantly raided. Look at court cases where people did time for showing stag films.
It’s all of a piece.


Have you seen this list of alternatives to Amazon's offerings? Not all entirely free/open, but definitely some options to say "not Amazon"

#Religion, the Founders believed, was a key support for such a moral culture [the importance of the dignity and rights of his fellow citizens]. [John] Locke taught in...Second Treatise of Civil Government that the very idea of natural rights depended on the understanding one may arbitrarily "take away" the "life, the liberty, health, limb or goods of another," because every human being is "the workmanship of one omnipotent and infinitely wise maker."

#InPictures | Nearly 40 streets were closed by dozens of Ecuadoreans during the second day of the national #strike, in rejection of neoliberal policies by President #LeninMoreno.
#Ecuador #Neoliberalism
Credit: Colectivo Nuestroamericano

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