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Willow @salixlucida

How to Make Fun of Nazis nyti.ms/2v5lCPa

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@cwebber that article explains where I was coming from the other day, regarding spelling and fascists.

My disregard was that, but singular and in social media, so while it didn't set right with you, maybe the context of mass protest and community involvement will illustrate the spirit of my thoughts. ^_^

@maiki I agree with the article! I think clever delegitimization of nazis is super great. I was only saying that I think we should be careful to recognize that they are a legitimate *threat* if not taken care of... and I agree this is a good way to take care of it. Anyway I think I see what you meant then.

It can be hard still to communicate these things over microblags, even when we have > 140 chars as we do here :)