The latest DE of 🇦🇷 ver 5 looks awfully like MacOS (the other notable government sponsored Linux distro that looks like MacOS is 🇰🇵 North Korea's Pulgunbyôl a.k.a. Red Star OS)

It's good to know the project has been revived after Mauricio Macri 🐈(who killed Conectar Igualdad, which was the sponsor of the project at the time) was voted out of office.

🐧for the🐧 ✌️

@salixlucida Does it, though? I think Red Star OS looks more like Mac OS (or at least OS X) than Huayra does. Mac OS doesn't have a panel at the bottom, but a dock. I know there's an add-on for MATE that puts a Mac OS X dock at the bottom, but it's way different than the default panel there. 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️ @peron

@claudiom @salixlucida Well, the 2.1 version used to have two Docks (one on the bottom with running applications and other on the left).

But since 3.2 it carries the traditional MATE look.

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