extravagant dick measuring contest 馃槅馃ぃ馃槅馃ぃ馃槅馃ぃ


I'm sorry that, 50+ years after Apollo 11, people still think that space activities don't amount to "anything remotely useful".

Undoubtedly Mr Hunt uses GPS every day, & maps based on satellite imagery. Smartphones do that silently. And both SpaceX & Virgin Galactic are working to make maintaining those satellite services cheaper. It's a tiny part of what they're doing, & by no means the most significant, but it makes Mr Hunt a hypocrite.

@publius I don't find much utility in their attempts at "space tourism," which would only be a luxury for the super rich, not least to mention the excessive consumption of fossil fuel. None of the billionaires (Musk, Bozos, Branson) isn't doing this as any kind of scientific philanthropy to find solutions to some of the greatest planetary problems such as climate change. It's an extravagant dick measuring contest (and an expensive publicity stunt) for them to show off.


Even as a "luxury for the super-rich" they might serve a useful function, for instance in helping to instill in those who have such economic & political power as sense of the fragility of the biosphere. That is, however, far from all that is going on.

Passing over their use in scientific experiments, or the connexion with low-cost, rapid-turnaround satellite launch services, they are working testbeds for the technology required to really fulfill the promise of space.


And as far as "excessive consumption of fossil fuel" is concerned, none of them uses as much as is burned in a single second by the cars in any major city. It's like complaints about air travel 鈥 all aviation fuels put together come to only a couple of per cent of the world's use of fossil fuels. If you want to make real improvements, there are much better places to look!

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