@salixlucida @indie Bill Gates owns the most farmland, but not nearly own enough to "control the food supply". Censorship did not "essentially start" with Gina Carano.

The nazis and communists fought on the streets. Often "liberals" essentially sided with "law and order".(i.e. the Nazis) The same nazi street fighters attacked jews on the street. Maybe sometimes neighbours, sure. (and btw, they used very similarly memes like "cultural marxism") "wonder" whoms influence she is under.

@salixlucida comparing Trump supporters with Germans during the rise of Nazism is accurate. As is comparing corporate liberals to their German counterparts. (can't agree to woodchipper comments) They were sycophantic too, wanting of "law and order" allowed to police to beat the left wing disproportionally to the extent that many of them couldn't really tell the difference between them and nazis.(all too familiar)

@salixlucida James O'Keefe is well known for completely forging evidence. Dunno if they should censor him, but everyone should ignore him.

Would certainly wonder if he talks about censorship against BDS. Or all this "fake woke" crap, that isn't about trying to cancel people for mentioning the US, and US culture is crap innit?

This guy enables fascists. Fascists don't care about free speech, really, btw.

@salixlucida would add btw, that while i _really_ don't like a lot of what China is doing, i do think they handled covid-19 well, and generally, i don't want sabre rattling.
Biden recently sent two carriers for exercises in the pacific...

@jasper @salixlucida

Was too much to expect a video that starts w/legendary intro rapper put the proper message after his.

Let us assume that the platforms evil enough to censor people like Trump way way way too late are not too evil to try to distort stuff they said previously.

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