@salixlucida Oh that's nothing, look up what the current Postmaster General is trying to do with routes and stuff, along with his "consolidation" plans. The good thing is that none of this likely passes constitutional muster so it can be indefinitely delayed by legal injunctions until the political climate is more favorable to an interventionist Post Office (disclaimer for conflict of interest: while I don't work at USPS myself, many of my friends do so along with private couriers, and I'm heavily acquainted with the way things are run there)
@allison @salixlucida I hear people are already noticing packages arriving later. sounds like a conspiracist stuff but I actually do think orang man is trying to destroy confidence in the postal service and specifically its ability to handle mail in ballots.
@georgia @salixlucida It's not orange man, it's the postmaster general fucking up routes and trying to do things like abolish overtime (lol?) in order to "control the budget"
@georgia @salixlucida Also an easy way to take care of this would be a bill to treat all mail-in ballots and election correspondence as registered mail for national security purposes
@allison @georgia @salixlucida it amazes me that the CIA and friends get bajillions in secret money but the one government service thats genuinely useful (USPS) is somehow constantly broke. :blobcatwaitwhat:
@allison @georgia @salixlucida ironically one of the only government agencies thats actually constitutional too :blobcatlaugh:
@icedquinn @allison @georgia @salixlucida >defense budget almost $1 trillion/yr
>>cannot fund postal service
@kino @allison @georgia @salixlucida isn't there some nonsense where the post office isn't allowed to charge what they need to make cost and then amazon gets to turn around and make mad bank by expoiting the underfunded post office for their shipping costs
@icedquinn @allison @georgia @salixlucida we’re a country run by corporations and special interest groups

are you surprised? almost sounds like that’s by design.
@kino @allison @georgia @salixlucida i'm phrasing it as a question because i'm not well read on USPS :blobcatsurprised:
@icedquinn @kino @georgia @salixlucida Yeah the post rates are heavily subsidized and this is inarguably a good thing since it allows pretty much any part of the country to be developed at a reasonable cost comparatively speaking. Where this breaks down is with carriers like Amazon abusing it for parcels and piggybacking off the subsidized rates while pocketing the difference for themselves.
@allison @georgia @kino @salixlucida something something punting the unprofiable last mile shipping on to the government.
@icedquinn @georgia @kino @salixlucida Yes, also items that would otherwise be completely cost prohibitive to ship for any private carrier (ever wanted to ship flourine through the mail? No private carrier will touch it for obvious reasons, but USPS will, at the same rates it does for everything else)
@allison @georgia @kino @salixlucida i tend to think they should just charge what they have to and market economics will figure out if shits still valuable or not at the correct rates :blobcatsurprised:

subsidies often sound neat but they end up just hiding market failure :blobcatspace:
@icedquinn @georgia @kino @salixlucida Do you want the hyperurbanization of America on the coasts and the dilapidation of middle America with the consequent shift towards vacuous neoliberalism? Because this is how you get it (to say nothing of how "market rates" would affect Alaska and Hawaii)
@icedquinn @georgia @kino @salixlucida Yeah defunding the Post Office and (nominally) privatizing it has been the intention of the Republican Party for the last 30 years or so, despite *explicitly* going against what the Framers thought on the subject (as recorded in the constitution, federalist papers, and elsewhere)

All I can say about the last bit: do you like strikes? This is how you get strikes!
@allison @georgia @kino @salixlucida consider: choo-choos.

they are quite good at carrying stuff all over the country and you don't need as many conductors as truck drivers.
@icedquinn @georgia @kino @salixlucida Huge amounts of postal volume already go through freight: it just isn't super tenable to rely on it 100% because of discontinuous landmasses like Alaska along with the fact that freight lines are privately owned and the Post Office (much like Amtrak) has to rent them, same as anyone else, unlike in many other countries where the freight and passenger lines are treated as a national interest for this very reason.
@allison @georgia @kino @salixlucida so what you are saying is the post office needs its own trains :blobcat3c:
@icedquinn @georgia @kino @salixlucida Or rather, rail ought to be a federal prerogative to support both USPS and Amtrak. Bonus: this also allows us to reduce/in many cases eliminate the motor vehicle dependency that's built into American urban planning over time
@allison @georgia @kino @salixlucida so take all the money from imprisoning weed smokers and use it to build choos.

i support this platform. 🚄:blobcatrainbow:
@icedquinn @georgia @kino @salixlucida Yes, precisely. The drug war and bloated defense budgets are immaterial compared to the real interests facing this country going forward
@georgia @salixlucida That he was, but I don't think this is especially Trump's doing as opposed to Republicans trying to make good on campaign promises to defund the post office that they've had for decades now, along with said appointees own gross incompetence
@allison @georgia @salixlucida wait i heard of defunding obamacare but why are we defunding the post office :blobcatsleepless:
@georgia @allison @salixlucida He definitely is doing that but I bet you're not voting anyway lel
@surasanji @georgia @salixlucida What are Lobsters policy positions on the USPS? Does Lobster support them expanding into banking or broadband internet/telecommunications to supplement their revenue from letter and parcel delivery?
@allison @georgia @salixlucida Yes. Postal service is very important! Lobster will expand USPS, and make them only pay for pensions 30 years in advance!

Lobster like USPS. It is good.
@surasanji @georgia @salixlucida Do you realize that by saying this you have a saner position on USPS than anyone currently running for office right now?
@allison @georgia @salixlucida Lobster is very smart and good at governs. Lobster run very important company.

Vote for Lobster in 2020! Two Claws and the TRUTH!
@allison @surasanji @georgia @salixlucida i don't think people appreciate how important mail actually is :ablobcatbongo:

storytime: there was an NGO who gave up trying to help villages in Africa, because they kept sending stuff but the villages didn't need it. Like gas ovens and other western shit they had no logistics to make use of. So they said fuck it, gave everyone in the village a share of the money and said good luck we hope you figure out what to do with this.

they pooled half of it and bought a post office.

everyone was confused like "wait, this whole time you wanted MAIL?!"
@icedquinn @georgia @salixlucida @surasanji Something something amateurs study tactics, professionals study logistics
@surasanji @georgia @allison @salixlucida you're going to have to beat Kanye West if you want to win, better come up with a campaign strategy
@Grandtheftautism @allison @georgia @salixlucida Lobster will have no problem beating Kanye. Lobster is much more popular than yeezy. Lobster is also more sane!
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