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Hi friends. I just got off an hour long call with some
lawyers at the DRLC. They are working on putting
together a case against PPB and DHS for ADA
violations. Turns out they have to make reasonable
accommodations during police actions, including
when they declare a riot and push everyone out of the

So anyone with a disability, or who knows someone
with a disability, who either has gone out, or isn't
going out specifically because their disability is the
limiting factor should contact them.

Brendan Hamme
Senior Staff Attorney
Pronouns: he/him

1541 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 400, Los Angeles, CA

TEL (213) 279-2936 EMAIL BH@​DRLCenter.org

They specifically want to talk to disabled people
about their experiences getting out. What barriers
they face, what accommodations they need that aren't
being met.

Anyone who does contact them tell them "Katie
Durden” referred you. :)

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