@salixlucida is there some kind of an informative thing I can link to? :blobthinking:

@salixlucida wouldn't this apply only to apps and websites who have servers in the U.S.?


Yes in theory.

But it could also apply to foreign companies with any physical office presence or corporate charter in the U.S.

My suggestion is to use PGP to encrypt sensitive messages.

Inevitably there will also be folks who will develop a browser extension that encrypts and decrypts messages for Facebook, etc. so all that Facebook will have will be encrypted gibberish.


Didnt the NSA voluntarily end mass surveillance of phone calls because they deemed it ineffective?


Nah I get that isnt the point, I believe that democracy cannot exist without the capacity for citizen's to have private lives. I have always been against mass surveillance.

It is just crazy the degree to which it is ineffective. Like I would expect the intelligence community to at least pretend that it does something, but its gone on so long that they arent even pretending anymore.

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@salixlucida How can political parties even operate anymore with this? We've already seen abuse from bulk data collection against political opponents.

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@salixlucida That's Lisa Simpson.
She's the president who comes in to clean up the mess left by 45 right?
Isn't it absolutely mad?
The writers for the Simpsons cast about their minds for the funniest, most ludicrous person to be president and they chose 45. Crazy. That was in the year 2000.
Basically, the USA treats warnings like that and 1984 as HowTo manuals.

@gemlog @salixlucida

The duopoly is working perfectly, if you hate yourself but love rich people and demand this mindset from everyone else, too.

Someone said the usa is a single party system, but with their typical extravagance they have two.

@gemlog @amylsacks @salixlucida As one of our Green politicians said: we have a left wing and a right wing here in the U.S. - and they are both flapping to keep that corporate bird in the air... 😒

That is well said too! Thanks :-)
Sorry. I love word play.
I'm attaching a plank showing where those wings are located. Not perfectly accurate to my own definition, but much closer than the top perception.
In north america, mexico, canada and usa use 'left' and 'right' quite differently. Definitions change again comparing across the atlantic.
@amylsacks @salixlucida

@gemlog @salixlucida

I can only see scooter's posts if I open the whole thread in a new tab. 2-party hegemony strikes again! >:

That happens to me sometimes too. It's the nature of the design. I suppose if you were to follow scooter or anyone from his instance that then the problem would go away. I think so? @bob may know. @salixlucida

@gemlog @bob @salixlucida

I am determined to blame someone powerful for this. I mean, I see every post in the world about games even though I don't game. But there are *maybe* 15 other Greens on the *entire* damn Fediverse and here's some invisible puppet master saying "Lol Xeno gonna' hide all these people from you forever ha ha hahahaha!!"

Well, you may certainly persist in your determination if that pleases you :-)
I like to know how things work.
By 'greens' do you mean you country's green party or just being environmentally well-disposed in general?
@bob @salixlucida

@gemlog @bob @salixlucida

Enviro-talk is always welcome, but yes. Talking specifically about the party itself. I've been GP U.S. for 20 years now.

That sucks. We have 3 Green members of parliament in our federal government right now.
My province is currently ruled by a coalition of NDP (socialists) and Green Party. They hold a narrow margin over the provincial 'Liberal' party who are actually conservatives.
I don't always have a Green candidate to vote for in either provincial or federal elections.
@bob @salixlucida

U.S. Pol - Off-Roaders' Lament 

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