California DOJ Cuts Off ICE Deportation Officers from State Law Enforcement Database | Electronic Frontier Foundation

@salixlucida "ICE continues to exploit state and local resources, including databases, to act as force multipliers for immigration enforcement."

literally nothing wrong with this. it's already used for regular law enforcement.

@moonman but the locals tend to not want it and are pressuring their representatives to not allow it, states rights @salixlucida

@deutrino @salixlucida probably would lose if it went to the supreme court, states rights have been mostly a joke since federal supremacy following the civil war. I could see them not pursuing it though, since it would cause an uproar forcing states to cooperate (on the other hand, they forced states to cooperate with TSA, so who knows.)

@moonman yeah, I imagine it would be a purely political decision similar to marijuana legalization (which.. good luck rolling that back now) @salixlucida

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