Log in page prominently displays the pledge of allegiance to the Party

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@salixlucida people willingly downloaded it to learn about Xi Jingping?

or do police officers come door to door and 'help' you install it?


It's possible mobile carriers can infect devices with malware that automatically installs the app.

Like some locked Android smartphones are shipped preprogrammed to install garbage apps like Facebook and stupid games.


I got a new LG smartphone last week and as soon as I unboxed it and connected to wifi it started installing Facebook and several other apps (I'm pretty sure they paid LG for that).

At least I could uninstall those.

@salixlucida ah true, so they might not be 'organic' installs, more like forced installs.

gosh i can't wait for my phone to break to upgrade to a better model: pinephone, librem5 etc etc

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