In 1992, an off-peak 1-zone (within the city of Seattle) Metro fare was 75 cents, and so was a short (8 oz) cup of drip coffee at Starbucks in Seattle (plus 8.2% sales tax). A First-Class postage stamp was 29 cents.

In 2019, Metro fare (no more zones/peak) is $2.75, a tall (short is said to be still available but not on menu) drip coffee is $2.25 (plus 10.1% sales tax). A First-Class postage is now 55 cents. In 27 years the total increase is 232 percent.

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This increase outpaces the rate of inflation based on U.S. consumer price index by 56 percent.

Might it be because of compounding inflation? 3% inflation for two years will be more than 6% inflation over two years. Saying that, I don't trust the inflation numbers my government (Canadian) releases.

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