Periodic reminder:

If you use Wi-Fi at a library, coffee houses, etc., use VPN!

Excellent (and free) VPN

- Cryptostorm (look for "Cryptofree")
- ProtonVPN

@salixlucida the more i read about cryptostorm, the more impressed i am.

seems like they've made a very good private VPN. setting it up now! thank you.


The only downside to Cryptofree is that it can be slow at times when the servers are overloaded.

The paid plan is only $52 a year, that's a dollar a week, and comes with built in Tor and Torrent support.

@salixlucida i'm still trying to get it to work with wireguard. i have zero experience with these things.

$52 a year is very reasonable.

@salixlucida VPNs increase latency and shift the MITM problem from one place to another. For good end-to-end privacy, use HTTPS and DNS-over-TLS.

@salixlucida DoT is supported and enable by default on Android P or later, and available on all Linux distros via either getdns or systemd-resolved (manual configuration steps required).

@salixlucida Technically, you'd also need ESNI to hide the hostnames. It's still a draft, but already supported by Firefox (and still not enabled by default).

@salixlucida If you need to hide even destination IPs, use Tor. It's higher latency than a VPN, but free, distributed and 100% trustless. It's also harder to block.

@salixlucida do not forget the awesome with magnificent wireguard support.

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