Periodic reminder:

If you use Wi-Fi at a library, coffee houses, etc., use VPN!

Excellent (and free) VPN

- Cryptostorm (look for "Cryptofree")
- ProtonVPN

@salixlucida VPNs increase latency and shift the MITM problem from one place to another. For good end-to-end privacy, use HTTPS and DNS-over-TLS.

@salixlucida DoT is supported and enable by default on Android P or later, and available on all Linux distros via either getdns or systemd-resolved (manual configuration steps required).

@salixlucida Technically, you'd also need ESNI to hide the hostnames. It's still a draft, but already supported by Firefox (and still not enabled by default).

@salixlucida If you need to hide even destination IPs, use Tor. It's higher latency than a VPN, but free, distributed and 100% trustless. It's also harder to block.

@salixlucida do not forget the awesome with magnificent wireguard support.

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